• Mastering

    We offer two types of Mastering:

    Basic Mastering:
    Tracks are processed with plugins for sound and loudness.

    The plugins we use in Basic Mastering are not the usual standard ones and create a really nice sound and volume.

    If you prefer to keep the sound as original as possible then Basic Mastering is better for you.
    In this case please make sure to let us know when sending your tracks.

    Analog Mastering:
    The tracks are fed through our analog equipment.

    WaveLab Pro is actually sending the signal to a high end 24bit D/A converter. It is then going through a chain of high end eqs and compressors and back through an A/D converter.

    Analog equipment will shape and influence the sound with its significant charater.
    The eqs sound from something like warm and soft to hard and aggressive. The compressors can create an extremely pumping analog sound,  a more subtile M/S compression and anyting in between. Also the stereo width is slightly enhaned analog.

    Analog Mastering will change the sound, even with softest settings. The overall quality and transparency is superior to plugins.